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– AIR MASAK WAJIB 3-4 liters sehari ❗

✅ MAKAN 30 minit sebelum breakfast TIPS WAJIB
1. Detox detox wajib dibuat sebelum mula makan JAW . DETOX 3 HARI SEBELUM MULA MAKAN JAW 🍭

dengan cara minum air detox, seperti tea detox, banyak dijual di watson or guardian , suggestion i boleh pergi watson / guardian cari NATURAL DETOX CLEAN TEA, amalkan 2 sachet sehari pagi n malam.


✅air kosong kena wajib minum 3-4 liter setiap hari
✅amalkan juga air lemon kosong without sugar 2 kali setiap hari blh cepatkan whitening
✅elakkan caffein, alcohol, air kelapa and minuman bergas
✅elakkan seafood kalau ade alahan, seperti udang dan kerang, sotong sebab banyak toksin, dan juga fast food.
✅supplement whitening , jamu blh makan seperti biasa. gap 5 jam
✅ time period STOP, boleh sambung makan hari ke 7 selepas period ✅pastikan pakai sunblock setiap kali keluar
✅utk booster whitening, amalkan MINUM air lemon panas tanpa gula. air lemon panas membantu melancarkan darah.
✅jika kulit berminyak di awal2 PENGAMBILAN, kulit dalam proses detox, pastikan selalu mandi dan cuci muka. air kosong pastikan minum dgn banyak utk pastikan toksin keluar dr badan melalui peluh dan air kencing. Pilih skincare yg selamat yg tdk mengandungi mercury/hydroquinone.
✅ amalkan senaman kardio / jogging / treadmill utk tingkatkan metabolism. lagi tgi lagi cepat serap lagi cepat kesan. (senaman sgt recommended, kesan 60-80% lagi cepat dr biasa)

PLAIN WATER is a MUST, 3-4 liters per day ❗
✅ EAT 30 minit BEFORE breakfast 
1. Detox
detox must be done before starting eating JAW. DETOX 3 DAYS BEFORE MULA STARTING JAW 🍭
Ways to detox is to drink detox water like tea detox. Plenty of it is can be found in watson or guardian. Recommended tea detox will be:NATURAL DETOX CLEAN TEA, take 2 sachet every day, one morning n one night
✅plain water a must to drink 3-4 liter everyday
✅make a good habit to drink plain lemon water without sugar 2 times per day to see faster whitening effect
✅try to avoid caffein, alcohol, coconat water and gaseous water(coke)
✅try to avoid seafood if got allergies, like shrimp and shells(kerang), sotong as this contains toxin,and also fast food. 
✅other supplement whitening , herbs can be eaten as usual. Recommended to leave a gap of 5hrs in between supplement
✅ during period STOP, can continue after 7 days after period
✅wear sunblock everytime in the sun
✅for booster whitening, make a habit of drinking plain hot lemon water without sugar. It can help in increase your blood circulation.
✅if your skin is oily in the early stage of eating JAW,skin is in  proses of detox, ensure always bath and wash your face. Plain water is a must to ensure all toxin can be flush from the body from sweat amd urine. Choose skincare that is safe and dont contain mercury/hydroquinone. 
✅ make a habit of exercising kardio / jogging / treadmill to increase metabolism. Higher will be better for the pills to be absorb easily.(exercise is highly recommended, effect is  60-80% higher than usual) 

If someone is pregnant or having period, it is not advisable to consume the product as there is no safety study done yet on the effect of pregnancy from the consumption of JAW product

Yes it does work but all good results do need some form of disipline in maintaining the beauty. For JAW products to work effectively, we do recommend our customers to follow diligently and strictly to our tips. And also, as all consumables products, it all depend on the metabolism of each one body. The best advise is to be consistent with the product.

Other than that, we do have many testimonials from our official JAW product page in IG from many women from different walks of life. Do give this product a try and you will see the wonders.

It depend on individual metabolism. Some customers see the effect with 3 capsules but some took 3 bottles then can see the effect. We recommend our customers to follow strictly our tips on getting the best results for our product.

Yes, this is the authentic JAW products. We are the only stockist for Singapore market.

Just send your request to [email protected]. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can send us an enquiry form in our Contact Page.

To become a Jomcantik Asia agent/reseller, there is no minimum quantity that you need to sell. However, for you to enjoy agent price, minimum of 10 bottles are required for the discount to be considered. 

For shipping cost, there is no discount as we do not profit anything from the shipping cost. It is directly paid to our partners.

For JAW product, minimum of 10 bottles are required.

For other products, it depend on the availability of the stock

For agent/reseller of JAW products, you will receive SGD$20 off from each bottle. However, the shipping cost will not be discounted as we do not profit anything from the shipping as we pay directly to our partners.

Do remember to key in “AGENTPRICE” at the promo code to enjoy the agent/reseller price.

For other products, it will depend on the product availability and price. Most of our product will be discounted at 20% for agent/reseller.

Yes, you can. There is no restriction on the selling price.